We all know that we are not under the old covenant Law, we are under the law of SINChrist, which still commands us to live in a certain way (to love as He loves). Since God has already permanently forgiven us at the cross, what is the ramification of sinful choices in our lives?

The wrath of God no longer exists, which means we do not make Him angry. We are pre-forgiven and eternally loved, meaning that He will always forgive anything we may do. However, when we sin, we can still grieve the Holy Spirit, which Paul discussed in Ephesians 4.

When we chose to sin, we are not living up to our identity as new creations in Christ, and we are not loving others as we should. This grieves the Holy Spirit, because He knows our potential, and He is hurt when His children hurt one another. It is not an issue of His forgiveness or love being removed; it is an issue of walking in the light and living in our identity.

Part of staying in step with the Holy Spirit is walking in vulnerability and transparency, living with an open heart. When we do this, we will be less and less likely to grieve the Holy Spirit with our actions and attitudes.


3 thoughts on “WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE SIN ?

  1. Ever one say they believe the Ten Commandments an I do to but I go to pride church als but my Bible say keep my commandments an my bible say sat but they tell me that before Jesus went to the cross so why do all bibles still come out this way I believe you all are corrects but everyone says I’m nuts oh well


    1. Jan, you are not nuts 😃 but ALL OF THE BIBLE was written for us, but not always to us. As Jesus would speak very harsh sometimes, but that wasn’t towards us it was aimed to the Pharisees. As we are in the Spirit, we ate not under the LAW (10 Commandments) We don’t need the LAW to guide us, but now we have a new and better way, by the Holy Spirit who lives in us.

      Romans 7:6
      But now we are released from the law, having died to that which held us captive, so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit and not in the old way of the written code.


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